Lprng printer scripts

Lprng printer scripts

Post by Neil Cher » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have an HP500C connected to a JetDirect EX (which works fine) and I
need to modify the scripts so that when it is called it calls another
command to power up the printer (and JetDirect). I've played with all
the scripts in the rhs-printfilters directory (added set >>/tmp/foo)
but never see them executed. Any ideas?


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1. HPDJ500C/LPRng/ifhp/apsfilter-LPRng

I've got a HP DeskJet 500C attached to my parallel port.  I've been able to
send files to it via "cat filename > /dev/lp0", so I know I've got kernel
modules, etc. working right.  I've installed LPRng, ifhp, and
apsfilter-LPRng, but I've been unsucessful getting it to print postscript
(or even plain text) with lpr.  I've gotten the files to spool correctly,
but I think I've got some problems with the filter setup.  In the process
of fiddling around with printcap, apsfilter.conf, etc. I've gotten it to
print out a bunch of PJL commands, but on another attempt, I got it to
filter the file through gs, but it didn't print.  (When checked the
filter's progress w/ ps, it seemed like gs was running, but not doing
anything.)  Can someone help me out?

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