Upgraded 1.0 - upgrade daemon

Upgraded 1.0 - upgrade daemon

Post by Kevin Burto » Mon, 25 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I am not sure why (could have been me :( )...  But the header did not
get included in this message.  Without the below users will now know
where to get upgraded scripts.

The original header is from the web page but I trimmed it to be more of
the c.o.l.a style.

Could you please add the below to c.o.l.a


Linux Upgrade Daemon 1.0 (upgraded)

Upgraded will allow a linux (unix) system to be 100% up to date with
the latest PD software.  Currently only ftp sites are supported but in
the future web sites will possibly be supported when directory
browsing is enabled on them.

If you notice any problems feel free to send me e-mail at:

The Linux upgraded home page is loacated at

 Some examples:

  - WINE (windows emulator) is distributed without posts to
  - DOSEMU (dos emulator) is distributed the same way.
  - kernel source is distributed the same way.

 Essentially upgraded.pl asks the user for the following information:

  - The site that you want to monitor.
  - The directory on that site that you want to monitor.
  - The time interval that you want to have the site checked.
  - The user to notify when changes are found.
  - The optional login and password.  This can be set to anything.
    anonymous is the default.

 The script will then:

  - Make a directory based on the name of that host.
  - Create ftp scripts in that directory.
  - Gather a "ls -alR" directory listing on the site you provided.
    (assuming it can be connected to).
  - Schedule an "at" command to gather site data based on the recurrent



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