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i'm bala here. I need your help to load linux into my laptop. The
configuration is :

Laptop Make and Model: Texas Instruments Extensa 650 CD
CPU speed, type, upgradeable to: 133 Mhz
Disk size, type, upgradeable to: 1.08GB , Modular 10X CD ROM Drive
inter-changable with floppy disk drive;Zoomed Video support on bottom PC
Card slot;
RAM  size, type, upgradeable to: 16 M (to 80 M), 16 KB internal Cache
Screen size, type, upgradeable to: 12.1 Dual scan color display PCI VGA
with 2MB EDO Video RAM 64K colors at 800x600 resolution
Battery type (lithium-ion,NiMh,NiCd): MiMH standard
Max battery life while running linux: (Unknown)
Weight with battery: 3.12 kg with CD-ROM drive
PCMCIA number of slot, type: 2 of type II or 1 of type III, ZV Port
Track Ball (location): Build-in TouchPad
Docking capability: (Unknown)
Power conservation: (Unknown)
Misc neat stuff: Built-in 16 Bit Sound Card, Stereo Speakers & Mic
Misc Ports:  EPP/ECP paralle port, 16550 UART serial port.
Linux Version: Slackware 2.2.0
Networking (parallel/portable/pcmcia modules): Xircom 28.8 modem
X386 chipset specs: ( Unknown )


Thank you.


1. Not Available these Signal nos on Linux


The following macros are there on AIX  but not on Linux.If we have
on Linux pls  suggest me how to use(say path) or tell me alternative?

#define SIGDANGER 33    /* system crash imminent; free up some page
space */
#define SIGSAK    63    /* secure attention key */
#define SIGSOUND  62    /* sound control has completed */
#define SIGKAP    60    /* keep alive poll from native keyboard */
#define SIGGRANT  SIGKAP /* monitor mode granted */
#define SIGRETRACT 61   /* monitor mode should be relinguished */
#define  F_CLOSEM       10/**on AIX /usr/include/fcntl.h****/
#define _D_NAME_MAX 255

Thnaks in Advance
Sudhakar Reddy.N

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