Trouble reading Sparc FS 4.2 formatted Jaz drive with Linux

Trouble reading Sparc FS 4.2 formatted Jaz drive with Linux

Post by Michael Schri » Tue, 21 Apr 1998 04:00:00

> :     I'm a linux ``newbe'' and I would like to be able to read jaz
> : drives which have been created on a Sparc station on a linux machine.
> : I'm currently running linux slackware kernel version 2.0.30 and I've
> : been trying to mount the jaz drive using the ``ext2'' file system on my
> : linux machine.   Thanks in advance.

> Anything but not ext2. ext2 is linux specific. Try ufs.
> You may also run file command on special device like
> file /dev/sda1. May be it would be able to tell you type of file system.

  I tried ufs and it still has heartburn.  Could there be some kind of
byte swapping problem here?


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I got a Jaz drive hooked up to a Sparc running Soalris 2.5.

I saw the web pages that listed the format.dat information and did inert it to the file.  After reading the man pages and whatnot,  I see that format should detect the drive and insert the proper information.  Well, it doesn't.  

This is not a SCSI problem, because the bus works fine.  probe-scsi at the monitor prompt also reports that Jaz drive.

I have done a boot -r to get the /dev/rdsk/c0t5d0s? and the /dev/dsk entries as well.  Infact, if I do a 'head /dev/rdsk/cot5d0s2', the drive will spin up and then crap out with a no device message.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong????

Many thanks...


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