Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help

Post by Kenneth Oakeso » Mon, 14 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I just wanted to give thanks to the speed help I recived a few days ago.



1. Thanks for the Help [was Help Been Mail Bombed!]

  I want to thank all of you that sent me e-mail about the problems I
related earlier yesterday.  I found out from the admin that they had
installed tcpwrapper and had been alerted by one of the other guys on our
computer about the problem and had configured it to reject anything from the
sites that were causing problems.  Only problem that was related to me after
this was that tcpwrapper DOES NOT lock out port connections.  Though they
can not connect via telnet and other such means..they still can connect to
our Ports via telnet.
  As for the mail bombs they didnt do a very good job, thankfully, and only
sent large files that didnt take up our entire HD, or made us sit for hours
deleting them.  And as many of you suggested I have enquired with our
Network guys here at school on how to use the "filter" procedures and "elm"
(since I use PINE) and I am currently working on getting it to work.  I got
a copy of a working filter from one of the admin so I have something to work

  So my next question is:
Is there a way to lock out port connections by IP address?


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