My first kernel crash

My first kernel crash

Post by Richard Bro » Fri, 22 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Well it had to happen sooner or later.  I was lucky it happened later.
My first kernel crash came after some 6 to 9 months of use.  I had
been experiencing multiple crashes daily  with DOS/Windows.  It wasn't
as bad as a DOS/Windows crash either, since I was still able to shutdown

So.. what happened is that I was using ksmbfs to access a WFW network.  
For some unknown reason, smbmount stopped working, so I unloaded the
ksmbfs module from the kernel.  It was downhill after that.  One by one
each VC stopped rewpawning.  Shutdown stopped working (although 'halt'
still worked).

I'm not really asking for help on this topic, since I know I'm pushing my
luck by using experimental packages.  Any comments would, however be welcome.


PS  Details if you are interested:

AMD 486 dx/100          slackware 3.0
16 MB ram               1.2.13
128k cache              umsdos
2 ide drives            dosemu


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    Here's one I am hoping someone can answer. Im running a dual CPU
system (P-II). I have a 2.0.36 kernel and have recompiled a SMP kernel.
I have the two existing in /boot and can select either from lilo at boot
time. How do a specify and keep separate two module trees under
/lib/modules for the modules compiled for the SMP kernel and the kernel
that is single processor. Or even more, do I need to keep separate
module trees for each of the kernels? I am assuming I do.

    If /lib/modules/preferred is linked to the SMP module tree then what
do I set within the system or kernel so the SMP kernel and initrd knows
to go to the SMP modules and the single proc kernel knows to source
modules it its own module tree?


ps: Again, I am not 100% sure I need to do this but I seem to see errors
during boot on modules that do not match up with the kernel being
booted. That makes me %99.5 percent sure I need to do this....

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