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I have been trying to get hold of a copy of Xirc on Sunsite, but can't
find it.  The Xirc home page is unaccessable by my system (I don't know
why).  Does anyone know where I can get a copy?

Marcus Ickes


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    Joe>  Well, after about half a dozen folks or so made one
    Joe> suggestion or another (Some many more). I spent the last week
    Joe> or two cleaning up the user interface making it a bit
    Joe> friendlier more intuitive.


I tryed to run it and got 'segmentstaion fault'.
It draws 2 empty windows in screen. One main, second
called 'nickname' and dies. Any ideas?
I've got slackware 3.0 with gcc upgraded to 2.7.2
I tryed your binary. I can't compile source since I
do no have libX++ and do not know where to take it.


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