QIC-80 tape floppy I/F implementations

QIC-80 tape floppy I/F implementations

Post by Peter » Fri, 03 May 1996 04:00:00


        I'm posting to this newsgroup rather than the Win95 setup one
because I'd like to find out some internal details about QIC-80 tape
drives with floppy interfaces.  I bought a Summit tape drive a few years
back and the latest Win95 backup program can't work with it.  I heard
somewhere that the backup in the Win95 Beta version actually handled the
Summit drive without problems.  I thought these floppy-interface drives
used a generic protocol (QIC-107 or QIC-170???) that allowed the controller
to talk to the drive irrespective of vendor.  The Linux QIC driver
(ftape) seems to deal with the Summit drive just fine.

        I recently tried out this Novastore backup shareware with the
Summit drive and the Novastore package talks to the Summit drive as a
"generic floppy tape drive."  I wasn't impressed at all by the Novastore
package's front end, though.

        Now, my question is: Why doesn't the Win95 backup utility (and
the Colorado/HP backup utility) handle the Summit drive?  Is this a
marketing thing (where they look at some ID string and disallows its use)
or a technical thing?  Naturally, since Summit went out of business, I
basically have a piece of hardware that is unsupported (a new drive is
about $90, whereas the Novastore software is about $70).