Graphics Cards & Sound Board Questions

Graphics Cards & Sound Board Questions

Post by John Edward Tille » Thu, 07 Apr 1994 02:30:10

I am thinking of upgrading my system some and have some questions
about various pieces of hardware.

1.  What are the differences between the various S3 chips?  

2.  What are the differences between an S3, Mach32 and ET-4000?
    I think I read somewhere that the S3 was the fastest, but I
    can't recall where that was.

3.  Is it worthwhile to go for noname graphics card (not sure if one exists or
    not) or would it be better to go with a well known manufacturer?  And
    on the same note, are there any that should be steered away from besides

4.  I am also considering getting a CD-ROM/sound card.  I am leaning towards
    a SCSI CD-ROM so I can use it on other computers.  Do the
    SoundBlaster/16 SCSI or Pro Audio SCSI work well with Linux?  To be more
    specific, is there any trouble using the SCSI bus on the sound cards?
    Is it possible to chain say a hard drive or tape drive off the SCSI
    bus as well?  Or would it be better to go with a separate SCSI card
    and sound card?

Many Thanks



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1. Which graphics card & sound card would be recommended for a new pc

I'm looking at getting a new PC which will be running both linux (have yet
to work out which distribution) and NT. While I don't expect help on driver
information for the NT side I would appreciate advice on which graphic &
sound cards either don't work or only partially work with linux.

On the graphics side I am thinking of a creative labs banshee, a matrox
millennium G200 or mystique G200 or the new riva card.

On the sound side I'm thinking of the soundblaster awe 64 value pci.

Any advice would be appreciated



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