networking problem with emacs 19.34, RH 4.2, AFS

networking problem with emacs 19.34, RH 4.2, AFS

Post by David C. Winte » Tue, 09 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I'm having a problem with GNU Emacs interacting with my machines'
networking, which is interfereing with how our group gives exams on the

I'm using Red Hat 4.2 with the "2.0.30-3" version of the various kernel
RPMs.  The machines are running AFS clients and have a custom /bin/login
that authenticates the students against the AFS cell's Kerberos server,
gives them their tokens, and maps their AFS home directories to the
machine and makes it their on-the-machine $HOME.  Pretty basic stuff.

I also have an account, local to each machine, that the students use when
taking quizzes/exams.  Our networking switch is set up such that we pull
one Ethernet cable, plug it into a different section, and one room of
machines is isolated from the outside world.  (This does slow down booting
and logging in, because both the AFS client and /bin/login have to time
out before proceeding, but we're living with that.)

We did our first exam last Saturday and emacs caused a BIG problem: The
room was isolated, the students were logged in, they issued commands to
start emacs (either in an xterm, via fvwm's menu, or on console), emacs
began its startup routine, and then froze.

After messing around for a few minues and without knowing of anything else
to try, we moved the Ethernet cable and un-isolated the room.  Within a
minute or two, every frozen emacs process had went ahead and pulled itself
up, ready for use, as if nothing had happened.  Later experimentation
showed that the same thing happened regardless of whether the accounts were
logged in before or after the room was isolated.  Vi and pico performed
normally in all cases.  

I have the following emacs Red Hat RPMs installed:

My guess is that something in emacs is trying to access something over the
network, or is at least trying to make sure that the networking is
operating properly, before finishing its setup routine.  However, I'm not
too familiar with emacs (network-related) internals and I don't know where
to look to shut this off.  Pointers would be highly appreciated.




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