chat sends\receives data from terminal

chat sends\receives data from terminal

Post by Howard Brayma » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I am running Slakware 3.1, kernel 2.0.25.  PPP/dip/seyon all work
correctly, etc.  My only problem is that "chat" wants to send and
receive all its information from the xterm window (or virtual terminal)
in which I start it.  i.e. chat -v '' ATZ OK will send ATZ to the
but not to the modem.
chat '' ATZ > dev/modem will send the commands to the modem, but I
run the chat scripts in that manner.
Any assistance will be appreciated.   Note: I have used the chat binary
slakware, redhat 4.0, and even one compiled on my system with the same

Thanks again


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So A & B continously send data over the socket.  Occasionally a
problem occurs when the sequence is like this: A sends, B sends but
the receiving socket only got data from A and not B. In Richard
Stevens's Unix Network Programming Vol1 he indicated the following:

      "With TCP the available room in the socket receive buffer is the
window that TCP advertises to the other end.  The socket receive
buffer can not overflow because the peer isn't allowed to send data
beyond the advertised window.  This is TCP flow control and if the
peer ignores the advertised window and sends data beyond the window,
the receiving TCP discards it".

   Is this what happened in my case?  If so is there a way for the
sending process to check the advertised window before sending to make
sure the sending data won't be discarded?  If not is there a solution
to make sure the receiving TCP won't discard the data?  Since data
from B is more important than data from A is there a way to flush the
receiving buffer before sending data from B to make sure the receiving
buffer will get the data from B?

 Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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