Info development tools (Fortran & C++)

Info development tools (Fortran & C++)

Post by Robert Schweiker » Tue, 21 Dec 1999 04:00:00


Please post messages about any experience you might have with the Absoft
Fortran compiler and the Comeau C++ compiler, or any other commercially
available compilers and debugging tools for Linux.

At my office we are looking for a new development environment and Linux
is in the running. The biggest concern are the development tools and how
they behave with very large programs, especially the graphical debugging

Don't bother pushing the GNU compilers. They work well and I like them a
lot for home use, but we have already tested them and determined that
hey are insufficient for the job at hand.

Thanks, for your input

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: :
: : Personally I believe C++ leaped off the edge, and they should have
: : never added templates, but that is my personal opinion.
: I think implicit instantiation of templates was definitely jumping off
: the deep end. Explicit instantiation seems more reasonable and within
: the realm of human capabilities to implement robustly.

Can someone explain this to me?  I don't know much about compiler
implementation, and would like to know why templates are so troublesome.
As a developer, I find them very useful.

: Larry Edwards
Jerry J. Shekhel

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"Is maith liom Mi Mheain an tSamhraidh." - M. Ni Chobhthaigh

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