Display trouble

Display trouble

Post by Henriette Hol » Tue, 05 Sep 2000 04:34:27

I have just installed Redhat 6.2 on my Compaq LTE 5200, and Im having a bit
of trouble with the display. I dont know which monitor there is on the
computer so I pick the generic one, and then I can only have 8 bit 480*620.
The result is that the picture on the screen doesnt take up the full size
of the monitor. What do I do? Does anybody know which monitor to pick in the



1. display troubles

I am trying to open a root X app while logged on as another user.  I am
running RedHat 5.2 with Xfree86 3.3 and I have su -l to root and ran the

control-panel -display picasso:0.0

and I get the follwoing error

** WARNING ** cannot open display:

Do I need to set something in some config file?  How can I remedy this?
Any asistance would be greatly appreciated, I am new to X.  Thanks,

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