getting news from multiple servers

getting news from multiple servers

Post by the lone gunm » Sat, 30 May 1998 04:00:00

Currently, when reading USENET news, I start up my ppp connection and
read off of my ISP's news (NNTP) server.  But, there are some
newsgroups that are specific to my school, maintained on my school's
NNTP news server.  I would like to read these, without having to first
ssh to my University account and read news.  As of now, this is the
only way, though, because if I try to access the school's NNTP server
from home, I am not allowed to connect (I have to connect from a
University client, in otherwords).

Is there a way around this?  Optimally, I'd like have a script that
would call up my ISP, get the newsgroups I want from that server, then
connect with my school's server, and get those messages.

When I installed Debian 1.3.1, I had inn and innfeed installed, but
I've never used these before, and don't really know where to
start... but I believe I can use these to accomlish what I want?

Any hints or suggestions would be thoroughly appriciated.

Thanks again

garman AT uiuc DOT edu


getting news from multiple servers

Post by Carl Fi » Sat, 30 May 1998 04:00:00

On Fri, 29 May 1998 02:31:39 GMT, the lone gunman

>. . . from home, I am not allowed to connect (I have to connect from a
>University client, in otherwords).

Unless your University changes its policy, all you can do is script a
telnet (ssh) session.  The server is presumably set to reject nntp
connections from outside the local network.

You might look at uqwk, which will run on the University host and
create a compressed news packet.  You can download that packet to your
own machine and have rnews read it into your own local server's

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1. Our news server always gets overload

Hi all,

Our news server is running cnews on SunOS 4.1.3. SunSparc 10 platform
We discover that our news server always gets overload message when
a client try to read news from there:

400 loadav at 9, try later
Cost this session: 0 Kr.   Period total:   104 Kr.

And we also discover that the iostat -D information at our news server
almost goes to 100%

iostat -D 5
          dk0           dk1
 rps wps util  rps wps util
   1   1  2.1   28  15 72.8
   0   0  0.6   49  15 99.8
   0   0  0.6   51  14 99.6
   1   1  2.4   48  14 99.8
   1   0  2.4   49  14 99.7

Besides splitting the news groups to other disk, is there any way to
get rid of the overload problem?

I will very appreciate it if you could send me a e-mail and give me
some hints to solve this problem.



Alan S. H. Lam
Department of Information Engineering, CUHK, Hong Kong

WWW home page:
Tel: (852) 609 8364 Fax: (852) 603 5032

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