FWD- Apple ships Linux-enabled QuickTime Server

FWD- Apple ships Linux-enabled QuickTime Server

Post by Alex La » Fri, 09 Jul 1999 04:00:00

 Posted 08/07/99 12:43pm by Tony Smith, The Register, London, UK

 Apple ships Linux-enabled QuickTime Server

 Apple's open source QuickTime Streaming Server software has been
updated to support not only the company's own MacOS X Server operating
system, but Intel-based Linux systems.

 The update allows software developers working with that platform to
create Linux streaming media products without having to make changes
to the core components of the source code, said Apple.

 At the same time, the update, which takes the software to version
1.0.1, doubles performance to 2000 concurrent media streams, the
company claimed. And the pre-compiled MacOS X version is now available
in French, German and Japanese language editions.

 Updates to QuickTime Streaming Server (the pre-compiled MacOS X
release) and Open Source Streaming Server are available now, free of
charge from Apple's Web site.

 The support for Linux on Intel comes largely from the open source
community itself. Apple said over 14,000 copies of the open source
version of QuickTime Streaming Server (the full release
 minus the MacOS-specific user interface code) since it was released
ten weeks ago. Many of them will have been developers working on
non-Mac platforms, but since Apple's goal here is to promote QuickTime
rather than the MacOS, that may not matter too much to the company.

 What Apple wants to do is ensure QuickTime becomes the standard for
Internet multimedia, and that means beating RealNetworks. Apple's
approach is to get QuickTime on as many Net servers as possible, and
right now that means supporting Linux. It can't ignore other versions
of Unix and Windows NT, but that's the beauty of the open source model
-- someone, somewhere out there will
 develop it for you. ?

source- http://theregister.co.uk/990708-000012.html

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