Netscape HTML

Netscape HTML

Post by Sta » Thu, 01 May 1997 04:00:00

I'm trying to generate some basic HTML with checkbox's, radiobuttons, and
select options.  I create the code and it looks okay on my Windows
machine but it doesn't work with the Netscape on my Linux box. Is there
some kind of library I could be missing?



1. Data recovery from a Netscape HTML form after hard power down?


I'm running RH6.0 and whatever version of xfree86 came with it
locks up on me more often than I care for.

In the long term I'd like to fix the root cause but right now I'm
in recovering some data I was editing when I was forced to do a hard
power down (I have no NIC, so I couldn't tell if it was just X that was
frozen up).

I was editing a letter in an HTML form on Yahoo! mail at the time.
Anyone know where this may have been buffered in the RH6.0

Thanks for any help.

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