xfree86 update fails (module ABI minor Version is newer than the server's version)

xfree86 update fails (module ABI minor Version is newer than the server's version)

Post by Heiko Haman » Sun, 01 Dec 2002 21:23:18


Actually I just wanted to install powervr to use opengl with my Videologic
Vivid!XS. But therefor I needed to update XFree86 from 4.0.3 to >=4.1.0. So
I installed RPMs of Suse: xf86, xmodules, xshared and xf86_glx
all of version 4.2.0-107 and the powervr RPM for Suse 8.0 (actually I
have/had something older).
But I cannot start my xserver now. The log starts (amazingly) with "XFree 86
Version 4.0.3 ...";
some lines later:
"(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/fonts/libbitmap.a
(EE) module ABI minor Version (3) is newer than the server's version (2)"
The same stands there for another file then it stops.

What is my fault?

Thank you,


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