selecting font for xdos - only through dosemu.conf ???

selecting font for xdos - only through dosemu.conf ???

Post by Michal Szymans » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hello dosemu gurus,

Is it the only way to select font for xdos to put it into X {...} line
of dosemu.conf? I have here dosemu installed in a multiuser environment and it
would be nice if the users could choose their own favorite fonts. I couldn't
find any "-font" or "-fn" option (which would be natural for a X-windows app).

Then I tried to make alternate config files - differing only by font setting.
But this does not seem to work, either. When "xdos" is invoked with
"-F /etc/dosemu.conf.bigfont" option, it exits immediately reporting:

bootC is illegal in user config file
Can not change disk settings in user config file
Can not use DISK/DEVICE in the user config file

and this happens even with /etc/dosemu.users file containing:

all c_all

strange ;-(

Is there any workaround for this problem, which would allow "dynamic"
selection of font for xdos without having to change /etc/dosemu.conf file?

In any case, I guess it could be a hint for "dosemu" developers: add "-font"
option to xdos.

with best regards, Michal.


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Please send e-mail suggestions to:

Thank in advance for your help!


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