Linux Portable Device

Linux Portable Device

Post by Chairman Mao of Technolo » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

We are in the design stages of an Electronic book, and want to get feed
back from the linux comunity, in effect making the Book a Linux produced
product, the first p[roduct designed by the Linux comunity.

So we initially would like to get comments from people about what they
would like to see ina linux portabloe device, that is a Book reader, but
doubles as a PIM and game console.

It will be initially marketed as a Ebook that can be used for rapid text
input at meetings. We also plan that the unit will have a speech processor
to read the text content of books.

We wouldlike to find people who would also like to develope on this once we
past the prototype, but the Key for development will be small code.

Any way,
Please follow up with what you would concider a perfect portable Linux
based Electronic book.

to all