XF86 problems

XF86 problems

Post by Patrick Kenned » Wed, 03 Jun 1998 04:00:00

hello all

i have just installed Slackware 2.0.29 linux on a Samsung 486DX2 66.
I have 8 Mb RAM, and a 1 Mb Tseng Labs ET4000AX video card.

One problem; X doesn't work. i try to run XF86Setup and even it doesn't
work. I get a scrambled up blue screen which is all squashed and broken....i
presume this is some sort of setup option menu. No mouse or keyboard
commands work, other than moving the mouse pointer and using CTRL-ALT-Fn to
switch sessions.

Before this, i get the gray desktop like screen and a prompt telling me
we're about to switch to graphics mode.

This is with XF86Config as standard, but even if i try modifying it i still
get the same problem.

doing an X -probeonly shows me that the "configured driver" is an
ET4000W32....where does it get this from? the card is definately NOT an
ET4000W32, it's an ET4000AX

so why does it think there's an ET4000W32?

other than that, is the problem with the card itself, the screen
resolutions, or some other graphics mode?

thanks in advance for any information

Patrick Kennedy
Keycorp Limited