IBM 486SLC2-66 Motherboards supported?

IBM 486SLC2-66 Motherboards supported?

Post by Andrej Gaba » Thu, 17 Feb 1994 14:35:40

Also, I've read in some other post that the IBM 486SLC2-66
motherboards are slow due to its 16bit bus interface when used
with a 32bit OS (such as Linux); true?

One more question: Is a 128k cache for the IBM motherboard
necessary with 16MB RAM installed?



1. Linux on an IBM 486slc2-66

I am interested in running Linux (and probably XFree86 as well) on a
machine with an Alaris Leopard Motherboard.  that's the IBM 486slc2-66
VLB board.  has anyone had any problems running Linux on this board,
or conversely, has anyone successfully run Linux on this board?
My system configuration is:

IBM 486slc2-66
8MB of RAM (to be upgraded to 16MB)
VLB IDE controller
245MB IDE drive
CLGD5428-based VLB video, likely to be upgraded to S3.
16" SVGA monitor

I would be most grateful to anyone who is willing to share any experiences
they have had running Linux on this board.  Email replies most welcome.


Joseph Albert

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