ELF system - non-ELF program

ELF system - non-ELF program

Post by David Basha » Sat, 07 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Is it possible to run non-elf programs on my ELF system? Do I just need
the proper lib's the executable is linked to? It would be nice if its
this simple.

Dave Bashaw


1. Can ELF programs load non-ELF libraries?

The light may finally be dawning.

I've been having perplexing difficulties with certain packages (fvwm, and now
tk) that "cannot load libfoo.so.N", and I've noted that others have similar
problems.  I got to reading the ELF-Howto last night, and finally began to
wonder why there are now two DLL loaders.  Does each *exclusively* load one
type of DLL?  Do I have to have each library in both forms, if I have both
kinds of programs on my system?  I haven't found any document that clearly
confirms or denies this.

(Other bizarre symptoms include ldd's insistence that libraries which are
present, in directories named in ld.so.conf, "could not be found".  If I drop a
symlink into /lib then the complaint changes to "not an ELF library".  This is
in the case of precompiled wish (ELF) which is attempting to load precompiled
XFree86 3.11 libX11 (non-ELF).)

You are in a twisty little maze of hyperlinks, all useless.

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