GNU Make is broken, please help

GNU Make is broken, please help

Post by terry l » Fri, 16 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I recently upgraed my gcc 2.70 on my linux box to 2.72, unfortunately
this had an unexpected effect of crippling make.  It seems now that
make no longer searches for the default "Makefile" file when
compiling, thus I have to use make -f Makefile instead.

Someone in #linux mentioned that simply getting the GCC binaries and
untarring them won't work, but everything seems to work BUT make.  
Since I'm very short on disk space (10 megs left on my puny 140Mb
partition), recompiling 20 megs of source is simply out of the question.

Can anyone offer some advice on 1. what the heck is going on  (ie why
should make behave like this all of a sudden) and 2. what can I do to
fix is other than recompiling all of gcc? :)

Thanks in advnace.


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