making a image to burn to cd in linux?

making a image to burn to cd in linux?

Post by Henrik Storn » Mon, 13 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Quote:>Hi, i would like to make a image file and have it formated in the
>ISO??? (standard PC CD format) i have a vauge idea of how to do it (i
>already have support for reading the ISO fs and for mounting images as
>filesystems) in that i need to make up a file (using dd?) that is
>around 600MB and then format the file somehow and then mount it.  I

You're talking about making loop-device mounts here. That's not how
CD image files are made.

You need to use the mkisofs program for building CD image files. It's
on sunsite. There is also a HOWTO on the subject - the CD-Writing HOWTO.

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1. making a image to burn to cd in linux?

        Look at the CD-Writing mini-HOWTO.  It should answer all your
Also, search for mkhybrid for creating CD's with multiple file formats,
i.e. ISO9660 w/Rock Ridge extensions, HFS (Macintosh), Joliet (Win


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