Pop3/SMTP server for 8000+ users??

Pop3/SMTP server for 8000+ users??

Post by Jesper Ekber » Wed, 16 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I'm trying to replace a NT4 server running Netscape mail 2.0 with a linux
server with some suitable mail server software. The NT4 server have approx.
7500 pop3 accounts.

Is there any pop3/smtp mta software for linux that can handle this work load
and is there any way to convert the users old mailboxes to the linux mail


1. mail (pop3 + smtp) server using ODBC connections for user & auth info?

Has anyone modified the standard linux pop3 & smtp daemons to use
external authorisation routines? What I want to do is to connect to a
MS-SQL server database (which we already have) of our users and use that
database as a reference point for the mail servers.

Can you point me in the direction of any hints/tips on the subject?

Thanks in advance


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