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I have been trying for MONTHS to get my backup and AHA-2940 SCSI card to work,
but after months of trying to compile kernel after kernel, and having the
building of the fail time after time, I finally got the Linux 2.0.7 source and
compiled a new kernel that worked with EVERYTHING and on the FIRST TRY!  I had
to make sure that I made the links EXACTLY as written, but when I was sure
that I had it done, I make the image and booted.  I still can't believe that I
finally did it!  The only thing I left out was sound support, but that was on
The important thing was that the make zImage did not crash in error!



1. PPP finally working; now how do I keep it from working?

After several days, I finally (with the assistance of several people) got a connection to the
internet.  I'm able to use Netscape for browsing, mail, newsgroups.  After I close Netscape and
"kill" the dial-up, the dial-up automatically launches after a few seconds.  The only way I've
learned to terminate this activity is to shutdown X.

There must be another way.

Also, is there a way to have the dial-up automatically start upon launching Netscape?  Likewise, can
I get the dial-up to close after closing Netscape without having to resort to killing the process?


John McKee

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