FWD- Eight way AMD K7 chipset on cards

FWD- Eight way AMD K7 chipset on cards

Post by Alex La » Wed, 14 Jul 1999 04:00:00

 Posted 13/07/99 10:10am by Mike Magee, The Register, London, UK.

 Eight way AMD K7 chipset on cards

 AMD has licensed Poseidon to produce SMP chipsets for the Athlon K7.

 And, at the same time, Poseidon has changed its name to HotRail and
secured funding from aspate of VCs.

 HotRail has described a simultaneous switched matrix (SSM) system
that will support multiple K7s with up to eight processors.

 AMD has always said it will sell K7s, sorry Athlons, into the server
market but this is the first clear evidence of how that will work.

 Our sources indicate that systems are not likely to appear,however,
until next year.

 In the meantime, both Compaq and API, the Samsung sub, will seriously
market SMP systems using Slot B and the Alpha processor.

 Our reports indicate that Alpha will be the first processor to run at
1GHz without aid of cooling technology. ?

source- http://theregister.co.uk/990713-000005.html

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1. fwd- AMD K7: 700MHz an easy overclock

 Posted 09/07/99 11:37am by Mike Magee, The Register, London, UK.

 AMD K7: 700MHz an easy overclock

 Sources close to AMD said today that overclocking Athlon K7s is an
easy matter, with systems builders easily able to achieve speeds of

 But things could get even better for overclocking freaks, because the
same source said that AMD is likely to introduce a 750MHz part either
late in Q3 or early in Q4 this year.

 If AMD continues its policy of supporting gamers willing to overclock
their parts, that could mean some very fast systems will emerge,
knocking spots off the Intel competition, he said.

 Multiprocessor boards are unlikely to arrive until early next year,

 Rana Mainee, European research director at AMD, said: "We don't
recommend overclocking but we haven't done anything in K7 to prevent
it. If people want to do that, they can choose to do so at
 their own risk."

 He said the majority of people using K7s would never want to open a
machine but there were dedicated hobbyists who would want to tweak
performance to its maximum.

 He said he was unable to confirm the 750MHz K7 Athlon part, but
added: "The K7 core is a great core and its very scalable". ?

source- http://theregister.co.uk/990709-000010.html

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