mediainit for scsi tape

mediainit for scsi tape

Post by Robert Meg » Thu, 23 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have a scsi tape drive that I use on my linux system.  It's just
like the device I have on my hp-ux systems at work and I can take
tapes initialized from the hp-ux system to the linux system.  On
the hp-ux system, I can clean a tape with a utility called mediainit
that initializes the tape in less than 2 minutes.  To erase a tape
from linux take a couple hours.  Is mediainit available for linux?



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This sounds like an error condition.
No. In all cases the LUN should be "0" since all of the devices that
you have contain imbedded SCSI controllers. The Physical address should be
what each device is strapped as, on the device itself.

You should also run ASPI4DOS and ASPITAPE to get the most out of the
configuration. I have a Wangtek 150 MB tape drive, but I gave up on it - it
is a useless piece of steel and wires. I now use an Archive 2150S.

I hope this helps.

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