problem in surfing after connecting to my ISP

problem in surfing after connecting to my ISP

Post by L_newbie » Tue, 07 Mar 2000 04:00:00

After many hours of trial-and-error, I finally get connected to my ISP.
However, I was not able to surf any site in the internet?   Anyone have idea
on what I have done wrong?

problem in surfing after connecting to my ISP

Post by David . » Tue, 07 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Did you configure your /etc/resolv.conf file with your ISP name servers?

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1. pppd and c-kermit problems surfing after ISP connection

Hi there,

I have a problem using pppd.  The Italian phone lines do not generate
"normal" dial tones, as a result, my modem doesn't hear a dial tone when
it's off the hook.  So, to combat this, i downloaded C-Kermit 7 which will
force a dial even without recognizing any dial tone.  C-Kermit allows me to
dial and log into my ISP without a problem.  I read in a news group that
you're susposed to suspend kermit and run pppd.  I've tried that and nothing
productive has happened.  I can't surf, ping, or anything of the like.
After a short while kermit exits and so does pppd, probably because of zero
traffic.  When I execute pppd, junk is echoed to the console about 7 times
and pppd exits; I've read that that's normal, as well.

Does anyone know how to keep my connection while using c-kermit and how to
use my connection effectively?  What arguments should I use when I run pppd
after I've established a connection to my ISP?  What should my
/etc/ppp/options file contain?  Are there more files that I must configure?

Chat scripts and Kppp do not work because they exit on "NO DIALTONE."
C-Kermit is the only program that I've found that won't care about dial
tones.  If Kppp had an option "Don't wait for dial tones" I'd use it and
probably solve all of my problems, but my version 1.4.8 (i think it's
v1.4.8.  It's the one packaged in RH6) doesn't have that option.

I glimpsed over the supported modems by c-kermit and I saw gateway-telepath
if anyone's curious.  C-Kermit's site is

My specs: Red Hat 6, kernel 2.2.5, SupraExpress external modem


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