System cannot shutdown if X is running: Why???

System cannot shutdown if X is running: Why???

Post by Jeremy Mathe » Mon, 25 Jan 1999 04:00:00

First, this is not a "I have a problem: Help me" post.
The problem is real and I have a workaround, but I am curious as to
why it is.

Here's the situation: I have an unattended machine, running X on the
console.  I setup an "at" job to shutdown the machine at a certain
time.  When the "at" job runs, the machine hangs (actually, the
keyboard locks, but the X screensaver continues to run).  When I
telnet in from elsewhere and do: killall X, the shutdown finishes and
the machine reboots.

Why is this?


1. Cannot shutdown: shutdown already running (with kernel 1.2.13)

Have just upgraded to 1.2.13 ELF from 1.2.8 a.out. Initially
I could shutdown just fine, but a coupel of days later
now I find that even just after booting and logging on,
I cannot shutdown (using shutdown -r now).
I get the message in the title. I cannot
shutdown with ctrol-alt-del either. That seems to have been trapped.
Can't find anything in the man pages or the Linux Book.

        Any suggestions?

        Thanks Joe Mack

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