S.U.S.E. yast starts up on boot

S.U.S.E. yast starts up on boot

Post by Hung Nguye » Sun, 15 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hello all,

My SuSE 5.1 installation went fine apparently without any problems.
However, each time I login, it says something needs to be set up, then
yast starts up, searches my CDROM drive for SuSE disk, then it prompts
for OK without setting up anything. I can only login after that.

Can anybody helps me. Thanks.

Hung Nguyen


1. S.u.S.E. yast starts up during boot

Hi all, I've posted a previous one but somehow it didn't show up in this
newsgroup. So here it goes again. My problem is that I installed
S.u.S.E. apparently without any problems. However, each time I boot up,
a message appears saying that the installation hasn't finished yet, then
yast starts up, looks in the CDROM drive for the installation disk, but
it doesn't install anything. Then it prompts for me to enter OK. Only
that can I login.

Thanks for your help

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