seg faults when compiling gcc with -pipe

seg faults when compiling gcc with -pipe

Post by Angus Macka » Mon, 25 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I am getting segmentation violations and compile hangs
when trying to compile with the "-pipe" option under

I am using a RHL 4.1 base and with the precompiled kernel
there are no errors with the "-pipe" option.

but after I make a custom kernel(either 2.0.27 or 2.0.30)
and boot it anything that I try to compile with the "-pipe"
option will hang or seg fault.

there must be something I am not setting up for gcc, or a kernel
module that I have left out. the kernels that I am building are
very minimal and spcific to my system.

As far as I understand the "-pipe" option only saves compile space
and shouldn't effect the compiled program at all, but the kernel
and all daemons usually use this option so I am hesitant on hacking
out the -pipe flag.

any help is apreciated.
cheers, Angus.


seg faults when compiling gcc with -pipe

Post by Frank Sweetse » Wed, 27 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> I am getting segmentation violations and compile hangs
> when trying to compile with the "-pipe" option under
> gcc


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seg faults when compiling gcc with -pipe

Post by Angus Macka » Wed, 27 Aug 1997 04:00:00

well as I am writing this I have 2 copies of applixware running
5 copies of gcc -O3 running and I am writing it in netscape.
all looks fine with gcc though. there they all just finnished.
all 5 compiles worked with no errors and the exacutables they
make work.

this is starting to get puzzling. I guess I could compile a version
of gcc with "-g" and try to debug that but someone out there must
know what is happening here.

thanks for you suggestions.

I just watched /var/tmp while gcc did a non pipe compile and it
didn't create any files there. where does gcc make it's tmp files.

cheers, Angus.

> > great(even ip_masq). but now if I try to compile anything
> > under gcc with the -pipe option it seg faults, even "hello world".
> > now if I take out the pipe option it compiles fine.
> [...]
> > I just don't see how this could be hardware. it is only
> > under a custom kernel and it always happens.

> Well, this is a complete stab in the dark but: perhaps the kernel
> is configured incorrectly in such a way that when you use more than
> a certain amount of memory (several compiler phases in memory at
> once) it tries to use some nonexistent memory and crashes. Does
> the problem affect other memory intensive activities? What happens if
> you e.g. run 5 copies of gcc simultanously in parallel (without -pipe)?

> (I notice you have a reasonable amount of memory; maybe the crash happens
> the first time the system tries to swap?)

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seg faults when compiling gcc with -pipe

Post by Gruber Gerhar » Fri, 29 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> are symbolic links to it valid like symbolic links to kernels?

Yes. I use it and it works.




seg faults when compiling gcc with -pipe

Post by Angus Macka » Fri, 29 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Well my search is over. I have found the problem. aparently
if you have an AMD k-5 like I do you must compile your kernel
for an i386 and not a pentium.

I had thought that I had tryed that but, it has now worked.
I would think that this info would have been easier to come
buy though.

oh well, thanks for the help, especially Piotr Kasprzyk.


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