Need Info on porting MS-Windows app. to Unix (Linux).

Need Info on porting MS-Windows app. to Unix (Linux).

Post by Ancil Bethel » Sun, 21 May 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for any information that would help in determining how to do
the following, and whether it's possible to do it or not.

The basic questions are whether, and what part of, C++ written for a
MS-Windows application can be used when porting to a Unix platform running
Openwindows or some other X-Windows system for Unix? What are good sources
of information for learning how this is done? Are there any examples in the
Public Domain?

I have an application that is written in MS-C++ which uses MS-Windows and
FOXPRO. I know next to nothing about MS-Windows applications and MS-C++ but
would like to know if there is some article, book, manual, or expertise
that would be available to guide me.

I can certainly replace the FOXPRO code with another DBMS such as Informix
later on but the windowing I need to duplicate on a UNIX platform I feel is
already written but would need to be setup to use an X-window
implementation such as Motif, or Openwindows.

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. I would be more than happy
to share whatever I learn from this cry for help.


Ancil Bethelmy


Need Info on porting MS-Windows app. to Unix (Linux).

Post by Meir Moal » Mon, 22 May 1995 04:00:00

I want to develop software using dlls that are supplied with the Borland C++
My dlls will contain function calls to the functions in the Borland's dlls.
I need to know the liecence restrictions for providing/selling my full source
code including the compiled Borland dlls (files *.dll).
 Thank you in advance,
                  Meir Moalem, CS Faculty, Technion, Israel


Need Info on porting MS-Windows app. to Unix (Linux).

Post by Matthew Hannig » Tue, 23 May 1995 04:00:00

>I have an application that is written in MS-C++ which uses MS-Windows and
>FOXPRO. I know next to nothing about MS-Windows applications and MS-C++ but
> [ ... ][

If you're using MS' MFC, then you may be able to port to
Unix with Bristols's Wind/U, which implemenets MFC on Motif.
For the DB, you may want to check out Flagstaff's products,
which are Clipper-like, which I think Foxbase is.

This is not really a comp.lang.c++ question, BTW; try the
ms-windows programming newsgroups.

        -Matt Hannigan


1. Unix jock needs help selecting app environment for MS-Windows

I need to select a database application development environment for
MS-Windows.  Here's my situation:

We have a small network of 4 Sun SPARCstations, one of which is used as
an Ingres database server and time sharing system.  Everyone in the
department (over 200 users) has a PC running MS-Windows.  I have been
programming in C under Unix for over 12 years.  If I had my way,
everything would be running under Unix, but the head of the computer
department, who hasn't written a line of code in the 5 years I've known
him, believes what he reads in the brochures and remains unconvinced of
the value of Unix and C.  He now wants me to write a database
application that will run under MS-Windows and access an Ingres
database on the Sun.  He wants to use a package such as MS-Access or
PowerBuilder which will give the users the ability to create their own
reports (a capability which I would also like them to have).  The
application will store records which include fairly long comments which
will be stored as 80 character fields in multiple database rows.  Since
the users are all proficient in MS-Word, we would like the users to be
able to use Word to edit the comments, for example, by enabling them to
drag or paste the comment into Word and drag the results back, or have
the database application invoke Word on demand.

I've been working in Ingres/4GL for the past few years and it's driving
me crazy.  I really want to do as much of the work as possible in C,
and I would also like to use the Unix development tools on the Sun as
much as possible.

Would you please give me some ideas on how I could steer this project
in the right direction?  The ideal situation would be one where I could
do all of the development and testing on the Sun and just recompile on
the PC, but I would welcome any ideas that would allow me to at least
work in a decent environment that doesn't insult my intelligence.
Also, please, keep in mind that I don't think the boss would go for
buying any new software for the Sun (unless it's really cheap) and we
have to use a package that allows users to create their own reports.

Thanks in advance.

Robert Perlberg
Dean Witter Reynolds Inc., New York

        -- "I am not a language ... I am a human being!"

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