new PS/2-port and new PS/2-mouse doesn't work

new PS/2-port and new PS/2-mouse doesn't work

Post by Torsten Jenkne » Thu, 18 Feb 1999 04:00:00

hello, i buied a new PS/2-Port Adapter to get a PS/2 port on my machine, so
that i can cancel my serial mouse and further use my new ps/2 logitech

the problem is that the new ps/2 port is not recognized by S.U.S.E 5.3. So
the configuration of the new mouse with "sax" doesn't work.

how can i get the new ps/2 mouse working?  (there are also two new USB-ports
on this adapter, which should work too in the near future, this should be
the same problem)

greetings Torsten


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I can not make X-Windows run. I constantly get the message,when I try starting
X-windows :"Fatal server error - Cannot open mouse (Device or resource busy)".
My MS mouse is connected to the PS/2-port of my ASUS T2P4 motherboard and
works well with all other OS'.
I have tried to use /dev/mouse, /dev/psaux and /dev/tty. None works, always
the same error message.
My video card is a S3-Trio 64+ / 1mb, does that cause the problem ?

Thank you in advance for any advices.

Kind regards

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