Redhat 5.0 / 'who' dumping core

Redhat 5.0 / 'who' dumping core

Post by Pizza the Hu » Wed, 21 Jan 1998 04:00:00

After one of the Redhat 5.0 boxes I'm running has been up for about a day
or so, running 'who' dumps core.  If I reboot, it works fine.  'w', 'finger'
and other stuff along those lines work fine.  The machine is usually
used by about three people simultaneously, and is running just about every
daemon except for imapd and gated....and a few other minor ones.

A friend of mine also has similar problems, though I don't have this problem
on my own box (which has been up for about 30 days)

Any suggestions on how to proceed?  

 - Solomon


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