load balancing between intensive processes on SMP box

load balancing between intensive processes on SMP box

Post by Matthew Zenk » Sun, 08 Aug 1999 04:00:00


I am wondering if there is some sort of automated tool that does load
balancing in SMP linux for computationally intensive processes?

I have RedHat 6.0 and I am running the 2.2.5-22 Kernel on a dual PII
300 box.  I have a couple of computationally intensive processes,
however, the first one started seems to invariably take priority for
CPU time and the second one slows down much more than I'd like.

Does anyone know more about this or where I might find more info?

Thanks in advance!

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1. load balancing - multiple modems w/2 linux boxes

hi there,

i'm trying to find out more information about "load balancing" under linux -
referred to as "EQL" in the networking kernel.

what I am doing is setting up two linux boxes, each with two modems and I want
to use both 28.8k modems together. I know this is possible - there is support
in the later kernels and I have found some information about how to make it
run, but it's all very sketchy.

does anyone have good docs or a good FAQ that I can read?

please reply via e-mail since I don't get much time to read these groups.

thanks in advance, David Moylan



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