DAT drives in Linux and OSF/1?

DAT drives in Linux and OSF/1?

Post by FRE » Tue, 03 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Rather than FTP some data files via ethernet from my Pentium
PC to a DEC Alphastation 250 4/266 running Digital Unix v3.2C (OSF/1),
I would like to buy a 4/8GB DAT tape drive that runs under both
Linux and OSF/1, and tar files from my DOS partition to the tape
in DDS-2 format from the PC, then later restore the files from tape
onto the Alphastation under OSF/1 using the same exact tape drive.
What problems exist (if any) with this approach?  I have been
told that it is necessary that Linux "supports" the particular
tape drive.  Are there any other problems?  Where can I get a list
of the 1) DAT tape drives, 2) CD-ROM drives, and 3) PC video cards
that are supported by Linux?

Thanks for any advice.
Please reply by email if possible.



1. HP C1553A DAT drive, Ultrix, OSF/1, Solaris, ???


I have an HP C1553A DAT autoloader that looks like it will be a really
neat drive... if I can get it to work correctly.

I am looking for several pieces of information that might make this drive
work for me.

First, I would like information from anyone who is using this drive on
Solaris 2.3, Ultrix 4.3, or OSF/1 2.1.  What changes to st.conf (solaris)
and cam_data.c (Ultrix and OSF/1) will I need to make?

Second, I keep getting hardware errors reported both by OSF/1 and by
Solaris.  I'm not sure what may be causing these errors.  My tapes are
brand new.  Perhaps I need active termination?

I'm usually fairly good at these sorts of things, but this is the first
peripheral I've acquired that is giving me fits like this.  So, any
information that anyone can provide would be most appreciated.

summarize any responses I get.

Thanks in advance,


Mike Allard, Workstation Manager, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology--KA9VDC

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and it holds the universe together.

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