LINUX Kernel/Device Driver Expert, offsite-short term

LINUX Kernel/Device Driver Expert, offsite-short term

Post by ELSID Software Systems LTD » Mon, 03 May 1999 04:00:00

Sorry to post here but I just can't find any one to do this. What we
is a web page dedicated to Linux jobs :-).


Short term contract for a Linux expert in device driver design and

This is off site work but face to face meetings may be during the

include your per deim rate.

ELSID Software Systems LTD
Nepean, Ontario, Canada


1. Need Solaris device driver expert for short project


I am looking for a qualified sparc-solaris device driver writer, with
experience creating SCSI drivers. Project is to write a driver for a
PCI-based disk controller card.  The driver must of course support
SMP/threaded architecture.

I also have source code for an equivalent LINUX driver which can be
used for a template.

If anybody with the proper skillsets is interested, please drop me an
email with qualifications, and how much time you could dedictate on
the project.  (I'll then email you a standard non-disclosure, and we
can talk so see if we have a fit).

The work can be done at your site, and I don't care if you are
moonlighting (as long as your current employment contract doesn't have
a problem with doing something in off-hours -- and they wouldn't have
some sort of legal rights to what you create).

P.S. I'll be out of town, with limited email access until the end of
the month, so don't get discouraged if I don't get an immediate

David A. Lethe

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