ANNOUNCE: FREE Eval of NetTracker 3.5 Web Log Analysis Software for Linux Web Servers

ANNOUNCE: FREE Eval of NetTracker 3.5 Web Log Analysis Software for Linux Web Servers

Post by Barry O'Nei » Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> NetTracker is one of the most powerful, yet easy to use Internet and
> Intranet usage tracking programs on the market today. NetTracker allows
> marketing professionals, webmasters and ISPs to get the essential
> information they need to make informed decisions regarding their web
> sites.

Alternatively, this could be a case for...


Today isn't going to be as good as you'll think it was in the future.
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1. Features needed in Web server log analysis software

Our Web site log is about 100 megabytes daily, zipped up, it's 10
megabytes. We are looking for a Web server log analyzer that contains
the following features:

1) can analyze Netscape server log files
2) must be Unix-based
3) can analyze files of up to 5 gigs monthly, rotating files daily while
keeping running tabulations for up to 1 month (our Web server right now
is short on disk space and can't handle for that half a gig of log files
at any one time).
4) can produce attractive graphics as well as numbers
5) Can analyze portions of the logs only (such as a subdirectory)
6) Ability to analyze remote server logs that are compressed.

I would much appreciate it if you could message me if you are using,
know of or have written software that meets this feature list. I've been
reviewing many log analyzers off the Net, and some are really good, but
none seems to meet all these features. Please email reply as well. Any
help much appreciated.

Gary Nielson
Charlotte NC

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