Broken X

Broken X

Post by Brian D. Jone » Tue, 27 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I was running VMWare the other day and had a crash that froze up my
system.  I had to manually reboot the machine, and X hasn't worked
since.  I've done all the tricks I know with Xconfigurator and fooling
with XF86Config, but when the machine tries to start X, it blinks and
gives the error "Fatal server error: could not open default font
'fixed'".  X was working fine before this crash, and it didn't appear
that any files were altered.  I've re-downloaded servers, reconfigured,
done everything I can come up with, and I'm running out of ideas.

I got a suggestion to physically disconnect the power from the machine,
but that did not fix the problem.  The card is an AccelStar Permedia II
AGP, and I'm using the XF86_3DLabs server.  Any help would be greatly



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So many repetitive messages asking the same questions!  Does noone bother
to grep the topics for possible solutions?

Here are some of the answers to your problems:

If you upgrade to ELF libraries, you need an ELF linker:  get new

If you upgrade your kernel, you will likely need to upgrade to (or higher):
termcap 2.0.8, proc-ps.0.99a, libc 5.3.12 (see below!), modules-1.3.69f,
gcc 2.7.2.

If you upgrade your libc, you will need to patch or upgrade make to make

It may possible that when you upgrade your compiler, you may need to
install a new (ELF) libc.

William Burrow  --  Fredericton Area Network

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