brl cad package on linux?

brl cad package on linux?

Post by Humenberger Edmu » Thu, 01 Sep 1994 23:42:40

Did somebody make a compile of the cad system?
If somebody is interested in the source or more information,
get information on obtaining it form

or gillis at



1. Need help building BRL-CAD package

Hello out there!

Has anybody out there had any luck building BRL-CAD?  I finally got the
registration stuff taken care of, untarred the stuff, but now I'm having
no end of difficulties *building* it.

In particular, cake complains no matter what I do.  It complains about
../Cakefile.lib, Cakefile, etc.  I'm not even sure if my cake is built
correctly.  I did have to patch it a bit to get it to compile / link
(yylineno and yywrap definitions).  I'm not exactly a yacc / lex expert
(not even close), so I'm not sure what exactly is going on, but I really
don't think that I broke it.....

If anybody could give me some pointers, it'd be *greatly* appreciated.

Oh -- the other relevant stuff:
gcc: 2.6.2 (and matching libs, etc).
Kernel: 1.1.66 (if that matters)
brl-cad: 4.2

Thanks in advance...

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