HELP MetroX, Motion 771, Logitech TrackMan : mouse position?

HELP MetroX, Motion 771, Logitech TrackMan : mouse position?

Post by De Clark » Tue, 15 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I've got a Motion 771 and a MAG 17 monitor in 1280x1024 mode.
I have a Logitech 3button TrackMan.  This is Linux 1.2.13 or so
on a Pentium.

I have never succeeded in getting XF86_S3 to work even half
way with this setup, so I'm running MetroX.  I'll skip the
long unhappy Xf86 story, but if you have a working XF86Config
for this setup, I'd love to see it.

Whatever, MetroX is not working right.  There's a confusion about
where the mouse actually is.  I get an Enter event when the mouse
is actually about 1/8in of glass to the right of the target object.

This makes text selection a pain, skinny scrollbars really hard to
use, and worse, I sometimes get window menus when trying to get
resize corners in fvwm.

If anyone knows how the mouse position/mouse pointer size is
actually mapped onto the desktop, and what might cause this
type of error, please send me some mail!  this is making me


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