Preparing system for 2.2.0...

Preparing system for 2.2.0...

Post by Mooneer Sale » Sat, 23 Jan 1999 04:00:00

According to, these are the programs that possibly need to
be upgraded:

Kernel Modules:         2.1.121
GNU C:        
libc5:                  5.4.46
libc6:                  2.0.7pre6                  1.9.9
Linux C++ Library:
Procps:                 1.2.9
Procinfo:               15
Psmisc:                 17
Net-tools:              1.49
Kbd:                    0.91
Loadlin:                1.6a
Sh-utils:               1.16
Autofs:                 3.1.1
NFS:                    2.2beta37
Bash:                   1.14.7
Ncpfs:                  2.2.0
Pcmcia-cs:              3.0.6
PPP:                    2.3.5
Util-linux:             2.9

I am using Slackware 3.6 and I know that all are upgraded except PPP. I
downloaded the
PPP source and ran:

make kernel

Then I went to the kernel source and attempted to compile it. But after
it got to the PPP
stuff, it was filled with errors and the compiling ended. Do I need to
run make kernel
while I have 2.0.36 Linux sources, or do I get 2.2.0-final first?

Mooneer Salem
Webmaster & Administrator for HyperNetMsg