Novell is trying to Sell a derivative of Linux

Novell is trying to Sell a derivative of Linux

Post by Remco Treffko » Tue, 26 Apr 1994 16:55:50

There is an interesting article under the given subject on c.o.l.a!

This is probably just a cruel hoax. If it were true, that Novell makes
any efford whatsoever to base a product on Linux I would be really

If there is any substance to this rumor, I would be more than happy.

I liked the SLS and Slackware distributions, I liked the various CD's,
and I will certainly love a Novell distribution. Sure, they are stuck
with the GNU license, but their lawyers will have told them that already.

If it only were true!


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1. Novell is trying to Sell a derivative of Linux for a big PROFIT.$$$

If someone with a real distribution network in Norway is willing to sell
me a CD-ROM with Linux, Linux source, MOTIF libraries and a GUI, with at
least some support services, for less than USD 150, I am interested.

I don't care whether they are called Novell or Morse.

The guy didn't mention what address he was E-mailing; if we get any
rumours that the rumour is true, and Novell is considering cancelling
the project because of adverse community reactions, perhaps we shoud
do some mass mailings from the other side?
(BTW, I don't see how Novell can sell this product without Netware
filesystem interworking, and I don't see how this can be done without
GPLed code for the Netware drivers; interesting, considering the
stonewalling that the guy with the IPX drivers has gotten from them....)
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