US$9 Slackware 3.0 CD- where?

US$9 Slackware 3.0 CD- where?

Post by Hugh B. Mayna » Sun, 05 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: can anbody point me to the recent announcement
: of a US$ 9 Linux Slackware 3.0 CD ROM?
: I know there was an announcement but cannot find it anymore.

Here is the original announcement:

> ADRAS Computing is now taking orders for a new Linux Operating System
> CD with Slackware(tm) 3.0 and a live file system.  The CD has over
> 600 megabytes of Linux software and documentation.  It sells for $9
> plus shipping and handling ($3 in the USA, $5 elsewhere).  The CD will
> begin shipping around October 27, 1995.

> Linux is Linus Torvald's 32-bit Unix-like operating system that works
> on 386, 486, and Pentium PCs.  Slackware is the most popular Linux
> distribution, with lots of utilities and applications.

> Slackware 3.0 is the most current version of Slackware, with Linux
> kernel 1.2.13 (and 1.3.24 sources) and up-to-date versions of Linux
> software.  Slackware 3.0 features the ELF executable format that makes
> life easier for programmers (your old a.out binaries will still work).

> The CD comes with a "live" file system, so you can run Linux directly from
> the CD with minimal hard disk usage.  Using UMSDOS, you can even install
> Linux on your DOS drive without repartitioning.  Of course, you can also
> install Linux in its own partition for improved performance.

> You get the following features with Slackware 3.0

>    o  Unix-like operating system with the usual Unix commands
>    o  Internet services, e-mail, telnet, ftp, etc.
>    o  easy installation and configuration
>    o  live file system lets you try Linux before you commit to a full install
>    o  supports most PC hardware, including many weird CD-ROM drives
>    o  complete documentation on CD
>    o  X Window System (XFree86 3.1.1) with graphics and applications software
>    o  modem communications programs
>    o  TeX, LaTeX, and other *TeX programs
>    o  tons of other applications programs, name it, it's probably there
>    o  X games, text games, SVGA games, DOOM
>    o  C/C++ compiler and de* (gcc 2.7.0, libc 5.0.9)
>    o  GNU Ada compiler (GNAT), GNU Pascal compiler (gpc), g77, other languages
>    o  coexists nicely with other operating systems like MS-DOS
>    o  complete source code
>    o  sources and patches for Linux kernels up to 1.3.24
>    o  lots of documentation on-line

> If you've been downloading the ~400 megabyte Slackware distribution onto
> floppies, you also get to reuse all your old disks and modem time for
> something else :-)

> The CD sells for $9.00US.  It comes with instructions on how to get started
> installing Linux on your system.  Please add $3.00 for shipping and handling,
> $1.00 shipping and handling for each additional CD.  Outside the US, please
> add $5.00 shipping and handling, $1.50 for s+h for each additional CD.  If you
> can't pay in US dollars, please contact me for details.  Checks, money orders
> and CODs accepted.  Add $4.00 for COD orders.  If paying by personal check,
> your order will ship after the check clears.  Texas residents add 7% sales
> tax.  I will donate 10% of the sales price for each CD to the Free Software
> Foundation.  To order or for more information, contact me at:

> ADRAS Computing
> PO Box 29391
> San Antonio, TX 78229

> You can order by sending a check or money order in the mail along with
> your address, or you can order COD by sending me your address through
> e-mail.  Please specify "the CD with Slackware 3.0"  when ordering, so
> I'll know which CD you want.

> ADRAS Computing offers free technical support to customers through
> e-mail for installing Slackware.  If you would like to see what is on
> disk before you buy, you can find a gzip'ed 'ls -laR' of the CD in
> .

> Slackware(tm) is a trademark owned by Patrick Volkerding.
> --
> Daniel Jimenez

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