Fragments (Ext2fs allocation)

Fragments (Ext2fs allocation)

Post by Mark Hawke » Tue, 07 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Does the Ext2fs filesystem support fragmentation? I'm trying to
find out how it works. Below is my theory. Please correct me if
I'm wrong...

I've noticed that the fragment size is always the same as my
logical block size. This is necessary because my logical block
size is the smallest unit of allocation. The filesystem looks
out for any data that does not occupy the full space of the
block allocated to it, and these data are called "fragments".
When there are enough fragments lying around to cumulatively
fill another block, the filesystem allocates a new data block
to house these fragments and thereby frees the blocks they
occupied previously.

Is that right-ish?



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  53% file fragmentation (179 of 333 files contain fragments)
  43% block fragmentation (5742 of 13324 blocks are in fragments)
 15 files contain 63 blocks in holes

As fanatic ex-defragmenter in dos, I've got a headache about this.
Should I do something for it or just let it be like it is ?
(I've heard that ext2fs is somehow "self-defragmenting" when there's
enough free space in device, well I have about 100 meg free, but this
doesn't seem to be too defragmenting...).

Thanks for any info.

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