Question about X and Linux

Question about X and Linux

Post by Lar » Thu, 24 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hello.  I've got a pretty straightfoward question, but it's gonna take a
lot of explaining.  here I go.

I have a pentium 90mhz with 16mb of ram, EIDE setup, which has 3
harddrives, and one IDE CD-ROM drive.  Currently, I'm running OS/2 Warp
from my hard drive, running a 2 node Renegade BBS system.  I'm running the
Slackware 2.3.0 realease with kernel v1.2.11 from floppy & I've looked at
several LINUX BBS software packages, and frankly, none of them add up to
what renegade has to offer, at least from what I've seen <i looked at
drealm, unibbs, etc etc>..anyways, the bottom line is this.  I'm going to
have to run Renegade.  So the next dilema comes in.  Linux doesn't run DOS
apps from the standard filesystem.. without DOSemu!  So of course, I'm
going to run DOSemu.  However, I'm going to have to run 2 DOSemu sessions
because of the fact that renegade requires that the executable be loaded
for each node being run <one thing i feel the system is lacking>.  So
finally, I get to my question.  With the system specs that I listed above,
will I be able to run X with 2 Xterms running, both running a DOSemu
session, which in turn are both running a renegade.exe, PLUS one MORE
DOSemu session OCCASIONALLY for checking my mail <local node>.. and then
just general linux work for the rest.. Will this eat up a LOT of ram, or
is DOSemu nice about ram? heh.. I'd appreciate any help from people who've
had experience with DOSemu.  Thanks a lot!

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