mounting xenix file system in Linux

mounting xenix file system in Linux

Post by Ray » Thu, 30 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I ccould use a step by sstep insttruction on mounting a xenix filesystem
onto Linux so I can access the data on it

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1. Mounting Xenix file system on Linux


I have an old working Xenix system (2.3.2?) that I wanted to move the data files
over to Linux.  I removed the disk (a maxstor 80mb) from the xenix box and
attached it as a slave drive to the linux box.  The linux system recongnized the
disk as hdh with a partition hdh4.  So far so good.  However when I tried to
mount the disk with the following ommand:

    mount -r -t xenix /dev/hsh4 /mnt

I received the following message:

VFS: unable to read Xenix/SystemV/Coherent superblock on device
    mount:  wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdc1
                or too many mounted filesystems.

I searched the news groups and linux archives and came across very little
regarding this problem.  I was wondering whether anyone has been successful
in being to solve this?

The xenix disk does boot on the xenix box so I know that the file system is
good and the software/data is OK.

If anyone has the time perhaps they can help me solve this problem.  I am doing
this for a friend who is unable to spend several hundred dollars with SCO for a
new operating system.

I know about uucp and direct connections but that is rather slow and tedious.
Direct copy from disk would be a lot faster and the preferred route.

Marv Lance

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