Caldera WP file-locked problem

Caldera WP file-locked problem

Post by Howard C. Braym » Wed, 29 May 1996 04:00:00

I just installed WP6.0 from the Caldera office suite.  No matter
what I try to do I get a "file locked by another user" error
message.  However, I am the only user.  The license files have all
been installed.

Has anyone seen this?

Although we have a copy of the CND, I installed the office suite on
a Slackware system, as it more disk space.  The installation went OK.

Thanks in advance.


1. Applix vs. Caldera Office w/ WP 6.0

I have now tried both Redhat's applix and Caldera's Office application.
In addition, I own Caldera WABI, but because it fails to run on 16bit X
displays, it is so painful that I rarely use it..  In addition, Caldera
does not know if future version will come forth.

My advice:  stick to Redhat's Applix.  Fast, compact, solid in
functionality.  Able to competently import MS Word and Excel files.
Caldera's office was a huge disappointment in all respects.  (Anyone
want to buy my copy?)  Big.  Unable to load additional postscript
fonts.  Not updated in years. Etc.  I have not tried Caldera's
"STARoffice" yet.

One Applix drawback: you cannot invoke Applix with a microsoft
word/excel file from the command line.  This prevents its usage as a
viewer in netscape.

I am only a customer of these two companies---I have never received
payment/goodies from either.

/ivo welch

*** International Directory of Financial Economists ***

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