CD-ROM Drive/CD-ROM Bundle

CD-ROM Drive/CD-ROM Bundle

Post by Randy Ju » Thu, 07 Apr 1994 09:26:23

Just Computers! is offering a special price on a LINUX CD-ROM plus
a Sony CDU-31A CD-ROM drive.  This is a great opportunity for those
that have been putting off the purchase of a CD-ROM drive.  LINUX
supports this drive which should make for a successful CD-ROM installation.

We are offering two different packages.  Both are great values!

  Sony CDU-31A plus LINUX Quarterly Winter CD-ROM        $149.95

  Sony CDU-31A plus Yggdrasil Fall '93 Release CD-ROM    $159.95

  Sony CDU-31A drives without the CD-ROM                 $134.95

California residents are subject to state sales tax.  Shipping and handling
charges are $12.00 in the United States.

A little bit about the Sony CDU-31A drives.  These are OEM packaging (no
fancy boxes).  The warranty is 1 year labor and parts provided by Sony.
The drives are single-speed and come complete with a proprietary (non-SCSI)
interface card and cable.  Driver software for DOS is included.

Just Computers! can be contacted at 707/769-1648 or internet e-mail at

the word "help" on a line in the message.

There are limited quantities of these bundles available.  This offer is
for a limited time.


1. Linux from Nascent CD-ROM won't mount my panasonic cd-rom drive

        Hi, I just bought the Linux from Nascent CD-ROM and have been attempting
to install it on my 486DX2/66 machine.  I have a cardex SVGA card using a
Cirrus chipset and 1 meg of video ram.  I have 16 megs of 60-ns memory.  I also
have a local bus IDE hard drive controller (32-bit) running two 340-meg
western digital hard drives.  Oh, the video is local bus, too.  I also have
an IOMEGA floptical drive, as well as the almost expected 3.5" and 5.25"
floppies.  I also have a Soundblaster 16 sound card that is driving my CD-drive,
the setup that comes together in a multimedia pack, I forget the exact name,
but it is a fairly standard one.  It is a Panasonic cd-drive by the way.  
A panasonic 54- something I think.  When I boot and root my way into Linux,
It won't mount my cd-drive.  Since the program files are all on CD, that
means I can't install.  I followed the instructions for fixing this problemm
in the manual, i.e. "mknod /dev/sbpcd b 25 0"
                    "ln -fs /dev/sbpcd /dev/cdrom"
This looked fine, but when I rebooted, Linux still wouldn't mount my drive.
I even tried getting new root and boot images via anonymous FTP and rawrite.
No dice.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Van Camp

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